How Does Apksfire Secure Online File Sha...

How Does Apksfire Secure Online File Sharing

How Does Apksfire Secure Online File Sharing

Aug 11, 2022 12:53 PM ‪Ammar ALawadi‬‏

Sharing files can occur in a lot of different ways, such as social media, email, and instant messaging. However, sharing files securely online raises other issues.

It is important to ensure that files are fully transferred from one endpoint to another and that no one has unauthorized access during or after the process. Free solutions for end-to-end encryption are available on the internet, but they always come at a price.

Freedom is complex and complexity is insecure

Even if it is end-to-end encrypted. The free solution comes with trade-offs. Either functionality and accessibility are sacrificed or, in the worst case, security.

Once the data has been received, unauthorized access to the data is no longer possible. It is a complex network with many vulnerabilities in the transaction process.

The high number of compromised passwords and photos in the past shows how dangerous it is to rely on cloud storage. They taught us how to share files online safely. The only thing that can protect you is your password.

 Apksfire, is your best file management solution, is not only secure but also practical. You can make entire folders public and at the same time restrict certain files and subfolders to a certain number of users.

Just a device with an internet connection is all you need to share files. No apps, no data stored on the smartphone, just a web solution. This means there are no geographical restrictions. All accounts are set up with a highly secure mail server, so you can add files securely instead of uploading them as usual.

Alternatively, if the files are not to be "sent", you can upload them directly to  Apksfire and allow the recipients to access them. There is no need to move the file again this way once it has been uploaded.  Apksfire also creates an audit trail and notifications so you know exactly who accessed your files and when.

As well,  Apksfire provides a custom password policy that sets the length of passwords and the frequency of password changes.  In fact,  Apksfire is committed to the security of your documents and files.

Can I share files and collaborate online securely?

While we've shown you how to use  Apksfire to share files and folders with your team, we'll also show you how to use it as a collaboration environment.

Easily create profiles for individuals and groups to share content, and  Apksfire makes it easy to set up a hierarchical system that uses multiple permission levels to give different levels of access to users inside and outside your organization.

Permission workflows can be used to further optimize the collaboration environment. When you need to send a secure document to someone for approval,  Apksfire makes this task easy.

At  Apksfire, our online document management system provides an efficient and transparent approval process.  By encouraging more people to view, approve and comment on documents, the process is facilitated using  Apksfire.

Once approved, these documents can be retained with approval comments for a specified period of time, which can range from a few days to several years.


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